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Tiger Boys ROUGH 900
Posted On 15th September, 2017 Share Post
Having been a part of One Year On has to be one of my best creative experiences to date. Once I had found out I my application was successful (I remember reading the email in Homebase while on a hunt for some materials for my studio), I instantly felt a wave of excitement and stress. On one hand I was excited to have been successful in getting through the judging panel, as it felt like a slight nod of approval that my work was on the right tr
anita carnell 1
Posted On 1st August, 2017 Share Post
All artists aspire to move their audience with their art. Be it a newly composed song, miniature painting, sculpture or a mere experiment, all aim to make a strong impact on their audience. An artist desires to touch and move souls by transporting them to a new place; to evoke evokes emotions. This is what I intended to do with my work displayed at One Year On. I wanted my audience to embrace a transformative experience and it is safe to say, I
Coral Fowley Press Image
Posted On 26th July, 2017 Share Post
Exhibiting as part of One Year On was a wonderful and eye opening experience. New Designers is known for celebrating emerging creatives and One Year On is completely a product of this nurturing event. From start to end, I have continued to learn more and more about my practice, the design industry and myself. One Year On has been far more than the ‘confidence boost’ I initially sought. The combination of pre-show planning from  Rheanna Li
Katy Welsh Pink Fabric resized
Posted On 21st July, 2017 Share Post
  I was really excited to get a place to exhibit at One Year On, it was my aim for my first year working solo so I was chuffed that they wanted me to do it. It was a great catalyst for me to start making new work, something that I had been putting off since graduating as I started my first in house design position soon afterwards and found myself with little free time. I worked Monday to Thursday at my day job, then spent Friday to Sunday
PerkiFurniture Making 2 resized
Posted On 19th July, 2017 Share Post
  Furniture designer Ben Perkins, founder of Studio Perki, sums up his time at New Designers 2017.    If I were to sum up my experience at New Designers 2017, the three words that spring to mind are insightful, mesmerising and grateful. At the moment I'm not planning to collaborate with anyone from the show but thus could change within the year if the right project comes along. For me One Year On was incredibly valuable on a
Jen-Leem-Bruggen-Blue-Lagoon rrr
Posted On 18th July, 2017 Share Post
  Illustrator Jen Leem-Bruggen on her experience of showcasing her work in the One Year On section of New Designers 2017.   If I had to sum up my experience of showing at New Designers in three words I’d say it was fantastic, collaborative and insightful. Exhibiting at New Designers was an amazing learning experience. I had some great conversations with clients who admired my illustration work and purchased prints, so hopeful