In 2019 Daisy was announced winner of The People’s Vote for the Screening Room Prize. We decided to catch up with her to see what she had been up to since ND and to get the inside scoop into her innovative creative process.

What is your creative process? Where do you start?

When it comes to animation my practical process always begins in the sketchbook. The narrative is never clear straight away, so I use my sketchbook as a place to ‘problem solve’. Once I’ve got the seed of an idea, I use the pages to explore and question the topic I’m looking at and then start to draw. I keep turning the pages and keep trying to sketch or paint or take notes until the narrative starts to form. Sketchbooks used to scare me because I was worried about ruining the pages, but reframing them as a tool to visually work problems out made them such a freeing, valuable part of the process!

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

I love focusing my artwork around feminism and humour. It excites me to bring light to specific injustices in society whilst playfully inviting the viewer to both self-reflect and feel amused. I love being subversive and cheeky and I have plenty of brilliant, capable female friends who embody these characteristics and so much more, so I would have to say that my female friends are a big inspiration to me and my work.

Where does the majority of your work take place?

My digital work is always created on my trusty macbook pro and drawing tablet. When I’m working from home it sits propped on a pile of books on my desk, in front of the window in my bedroom. The room gets great sunlight, and offers a brilliant people watching spot, so there are lots of perks to my setup!

What have you been up to since New Designers?

Click on image to watch Daisy Mojave Holland’s winning video, The Screening Room The People’s Vote #ND19

Since New Designers, I’ve moved back to my family home in London, and started working part time as a runner at an animation company in Soho. I love how social the role is, and that it has led me to meet so many different people in the industry which I hope to one day creatively be a part of. It also involves lots of running up and down flights of stairs, and going on niche errands around London, so it keeps me on my toes (literally)! I’m also illustrating for a company that creates real time and bespoke graphics for corporate businesses. It is incredibly different to the world I’m used to, but the challenge of live drawing in front of a room full of business people forces you to trust your creative instincts and I’ve learned a lot. I enjoy the contrast between these two jobs, as they access different parts of my skills and interests, and the variety ensures I don’t get complacent in my work.

What’s the next step? Can you give us any sneak peeks into your next project…

I’ve been really lucky finding work since university, and I’m hoping to continue to progress in my job at the animation company, so that I eventually move on to a more creative role there. Unfortunately, I’ve let personal projects and creating art for fun slip in the last 6 months. So, my plans are focused around getting back into illustrating and animating and finally getting underway with a new project that re-engages me with the topics I love to address. I miss filling sketchbooks with questions and characters. My hands are itching to get my tablet out, whack a good podcast on and spend a whole day animating and enjoying it.

We can’t wait to see Daisy’s next projects, we will definitely be keeping an eye out but, for now checkout her co-founded feminist card company here.

This Blog post was written before COVID-19


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