Are you an emerging furniture or product designer looking for guidance from leading brands in the design industry? 

We have on hand the brilliant, Viviane Mosso, Graphic Designer, User Centred Design Department, Cambridge Consultants, to provide career changing advice. Discover what advice this professional would give to themselves at the start of their career, how they remain positive and why ND is important to her and this brand.

Looking back to the start of your career, what advice would you love to give yourself?

Embrace all the opportunities available to learn from those around you, and not just those in the same discipline as you. It helps you to grow both professionally and personally and to realise which areas interest you the most.

What does resilience mean to you?

It’s been tough for everyone over the last year, but people’s capacity to adapt and cope with change is remarkable. In CC’s case, the ability to continue working and indeed grow, has been dependant on maintaining the strong relationships and communication between staff members. It’s the people that make our company who we are and it’s the support shared between us all that has enabled our resilience.

Why is New Designers important to you/your brand?

New Designers provides the opportunity to amplify CC to a wider design community and to connect with many excellent designers who participate in the Breakthrough Design Award and to the Portfolio Review. Cambridge Consultants is always looking forward to meeting new talents in the Industrial Design field in the Consumer and Medical Product area. Continuing to get a glimpse of the vibrant design scene is part of our curiosity and passion for breakthrough innovation.