Are you an emerging designer looking for guidance from leading brands in the design industry? 

We have on hand the brilliant, Sonja Vandenberk, Chief Designer of Colour and Material, Ford of Europe, to provide career changing advice. Discover what advice this professional would give to themselves at the start of their career, their trend predictions are for 2022 and where they source their inspiration. 

Looking back to the start of your career, what advice would you love to give yourself?

Be courageous in your creativity! Creativity always finds a way. The talent to create is the most powerful tool to build a more diverse world & come up with new solutions.

What are your predictions for 2021 design trends and themes?

New generations being more aware of the world around them, makes delivering authentic stories and products that really deliver added value people’s lives more of the essence. And it will put a focus on integrated sustainability in designing a product, with the goal is to minimize impacts environment in the complete cycle.

Who or what inspires you?

The biggest inspiration comes from being immersed in creativity. After a year of exploring the world from a distance in the lockdown, going to exhibitions, concerts, degree shows, feels like a breath of fresh air.