Discover the insights and inspirations driving Lucy Moore, Senior Designer at TU Clothing in this short blog post!

What was your experience like at New Designers?

New Designers is an amazing opportunity for me to see up and coming creative talents emerging into the industry it was great to be able to speak with Students and Lecturers and is a crucial part of a designer’s final degree show and showcase. 

Lucy Moore
Can you tell us about one of your favourite projects and how the process developed?

One of my favourite projects personally has been working closely with universities that we have created excellent relationships with and delivering brief projects for the students to include in their coursework towards their degree. Working collaboratively with the students has been really rewarding and we have received some amazing projects across different course structures in print and surface design.  

How do you keep yourself updated with the latest design trends in the industry?

As a designer of more than 15 years I keep myself up to date with the latest trends by researching and exploring many avenues. Resources such as trend books & WGSN are pivotal in my role but also travelling and attending trade shows and exhibitions are also really important to keep me up to date!  

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