Are you an emerging designer looking for guidance from leading brands in the design industry? 

We have on hand the brilliant, Domenic Lippa, Partner, Pentagram, to provide career changing advice. Discover what advice this professional would give themselves at the start of their career, how they remain positive and why ND is important to them and their brand. 

Looking back to the start of your career, what advice would you love to give yourself?

Don’t take anything for granted. I think I’ve been lucky to have worked with some good if not great designers. But maybe I could have done more. My father – who had his own advertising firm – always said “it’s 90% perspiration, 5% talent and 5% luck”. I’m not finished yet so I hope I can improve on all these.

What does resilience mean to you?

Knowing the difference between good and bad design is what we should all aspire to. Good design can happen in a matter of seconds but knowing when not to over-design a solution is critical. Designers need ‘resilience’ to keep going when they have not yet found what they’re looking for. ‘Resilience’ in dealing with issues is always a bonus too!

Why is New Designers important to you and your brand?

It’s the future, future designers and influencers. I want them to challenge and be opinionated. To value their skills in communication and effect change in society. I would hope this is what our ‘brand’ also stands for.