Are you an emerging designer looking for guidance from leading brands in the design industry? 

We have on hand the brilliant, Emily Mould, Design Director, Romo, to provide career changing advice. Discover what advice this professional would give themselves at the start of their career, what are their 2022 trend predictions and why ND is important to them and their brand. 

Looking back to the start of your career, what advice would you love to give yourself?

I’d tell myself to trust my own style; I’ve learnt that if you can bring something new and exciting to the industry, it will always set you apart from the crowd.

What are your predictions for 2022 design trends and themes?

The desire for a unique, curated space will see a maximalist approach to decorating, using bold patterns and uplifting, expressive colours. 

An important focus will also be on sustainability and producing qualities that are more environmentally friendly.

Why is New Designers important to you and your brand?

We’ve employed many emerging designers for our ever-growing design teams through The New Designers exhibition. This injection of fresh talent is helping drive our brands forward in terms of creativity, in return, we encourage our new designers to develop their style whilst providing an excellent opportunity to build a successful career in textile design.