Samuele Meda is Design Director at multi award-winning appliance company Kenwood, who will be sponsoring an Award in Week 2 of New Designers this year. Learn more about Samuele’s impressive design career and experience of ND below.

What was your experience like at New Designers?

‘It’s impressive to see so many different types of disciplines where design can be applied, New designers is not only a great opportunity for designers and companies but also for those who want to understand if this can be their future career and what it means to be a designer.’

What does a typical day look like for you?

‘I usually work very closely with my team, we discuss current projects and in parallel we develop new concepts, my role is to give direction and inspire them, making sure they have all the tools and information they need, while also promoting design throughout the business.’

What has your experience taught you about a career in design?

‘I learned that a great product is not only how it has been designed and considered but also what story is telling you and how it solves a real problem in a delightful and unique way.’

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