To complete alongside your application:

1) Please send us a one page PDF example of your work to support your application. Please email this to

2) When submitting your work please can you specify in the email the name of the mentors you are applying to.

Code of Conduct

Our mentors are generously giving their time to support you and your development and to have time dedicated to gaining the advice and wisdom from such industry experts could really help shape your future.  Please ensure you show the respect required and are fully committed to the process by honouring all agreements with your mentor. The mentors will do their best to respect your skills and dignity – we ask you to do the same by fully committing to the mentorship, maintaining communication and being fully responsive. Once meetings are arranged, ensure you’re on time and fully attentive. If you need to cancel a meeting, you must give at least a day or two’s notice if you’re unable to attend and arrange to reschedule. Thank you.

DEADLINE: Friday 15 July 2022, 17:00 BST

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