AVA CAD/CAM Print and Pattern Designer of the Year


Winner: Lydia Zavos

Title of work: Brutal Utopia

University: Loughborough University


Very unusual design aesthetic, great design concept, fantastic combination of layering and mark making, good understanding of commercial repeats.


A five day online CAD Specialist Training course, which will demonstrate how to use industry tool AVA to build and develop designs by creating, repeating, separating, colouring, mapping and presenting. This course will give the winner a concrete understanding of our specialised software and relevant industry processes.

During the course, the designer will be coached and supported by our AVA technicians, who will help and advise them to edit and manipulate their own artwork.

After the training, the designer will be loaned one free licence copy of the main AVA software modules (AVA Quick Separations, Weave, Colour and Texture Mapping) for 3 months commercial use. For this loan period, the designer will need a modern Mac running at least macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher .

The designer will continue to receive free and unlimited technical support via the AVA Help Desk, whilst the 3 month loaned licence is active as well as access to our online learning database. 

At the end of the course the designer will receive an industry recognised certification for their CV, which can be presented to employers as proof of AVA training.

Lydia Zavos 4

Image: Lydia Zavos, Winner of the AVA CAD/CAM Print and Pattern Designer of the Year Associate Prize 2022.

Lydia Zavos 1
Lydia Zavos 3
Lydia Zavos 2


We are looking for a fresh and creative approach to design, with unique artistic expression. The award will be given to a designer whose collection has been carefully considered with distinctive style, commercial repeat understanding, and creative use of colour, texture and scale.