Cambridge Consultants Breakthrough Design Award


Cambridge Consultants


Name: Alice McCutcheon

Title: Improving the management of Addison’s disease

Course: Industrial Design & Technology

University: Loughborough University 


Cambridge Consultants awards our “Excellence in Breaktrough Design” Award to Alice McCutcheon for her patch pump design Corti.
We were particularly impressed by the depth of the usability research and critical thinking that went into the creation of Corti.
The design is sophisticated and well executed, we could clearly see the effort put in to make this a plausible solution to the project brief. Although the final design is simple and clean, the attention to detail is outstanding, well done!


Cambridge Consultants’ are excited to offer an open call to all Product, Industrial & Spatial Design students.


Corti is a cortisol pump which imprves the medication management, independence and quality of life of individuals suffering from Addison’s disease. It is designed to support those needing to manage daily medication doses on the go and offers the user microneedle technology for reduced bruising, infection & pain alongside being hypoallergenic, durable & made from waterproof silicone adhesive. The Corti app supports user independence by providing reminders, alerts, cortisol curve input and symptom tracking.



An invitation for the winner and shortlisted designers to visit Cambridge Consultants (in Cambridge) and spend a day with our design teams in both the Medical Technology division and the Industrial, Consumer and Energy (ICE) division. This will be depending on COVID rules.

In addition, the winner will receive a £500 cash prize to support the development of their design career.