Chorus Arts Prize for Craft and Material Exploration


Chorus Arts


The winner of the Chorus Arts Prize will be presented with a sustainable trophy. They will automatically bypass submissions to our open call and be awarded a place in our Featured Artist Programme 24/25.

Each year, a group of 8 – 10 Artists spanning a myriad of disciplines are selected by our guest curator. Members of the group are supported for 12 months, opportunities include:

  • Mentoring in the form of 1:1s and monthly group sessions.
  • Portfolio reviews.
  • Workshops hosted by leading industry figures.
  • Exhibition opportunities.
  • Digital exhibition, featuring current work and Artist’s profile.
  • Featured in ‘The book’ an annual limited edition printed Art book.
  • Access to the Chorus Arts team and Guest Curator for creative practice progression.

Chorus Arts delivers creative projects for world leading brands and institutions, we actively champion our Artists to our industry contacts.


Our panel will be focused on exploring designers who have worked to develop and hone their craft. We will be looking for those individuals who are pushing the boundaries of their practice and presenting innovative materials in unexpected ways.

We’re also concerned with sustainability and how designers are approaching matters of climate/social impact in their practice.

Our judging will be built around the following criteria:

  • Craft
  • Application
  • Differentiation
  • Sustainability
  • Impact