Colour In Design Award: Week 2


Colour in Design Award


Name: Phoebe Lewis

Title: Seaweed – A New Ink

Course: Design for Industry

University: Northumbria University


Phoebe’s coloured inks made from farmed seaweed aim to revive coastal communities and reduce environmental impact. Her outstanding submission won unanimous approval from the judges.


The judges for 2021 are looking for work of an outstanding and original nature where colour features as a fundamental element of the design which contributes significantly to its success. The work should also have a notable positive effect on the user and the environment. This means that the designer must be able to demonstrate that there is more than just an aesthetic value to their designs.


This project investigates the material potential of seaweed, in particular its pigments. It explored how these products can be integrated into society to support the stability of coastal communities. This collection aims to evoke the memories of visiting the coast, through the packaging experience, the quality of the product within, and, the story behind it. It utilises both raw seaweed and its waste products to provide a colour palette like no other.



The prize given includes a £1000 to support the development of your design career, alongside an opportunity to have ongoing mentoring, help and advice from design professionals. The winner will also be featured on the CIDA website and social media platforms.