Hallmark Connection Award Week 1




Aiden Macintosh

Bold Folds and Optical Control

University of Dundee


The prize is a paid internship in our Hallmark creative studio (hybrid virtual/in studio or virtual) You will work as part of our future-thinking ideation squad on a research and development project and will be mentored and coached by our in-house design team.


Aiden’s work demonstrates a simple and elegant 3D illusion. The piece exemplifies clever paper exploration to textiles, a strong sense of depth and impactful use of technique.



A collection of hand printed textiles designed to communicate illusion and spark conversation.

My final project explores the concept of illusion through controlled mark making and alternative printing processes, in contribution to the ongoing relationship between design and us. Taking inspiration from angular architecture and streetscapes, initial drawing encouraged me to experiment with alternative mark making techniques such as spray paint. These working methods developed a thorough research of material manipulation and allowed for a chance to incorporate multi-dimensional design work which further compromises the viewer’s perception.

Thoughtful making is an important component in my practise and is at the forefront of this collection. The collection aims to trick the eye and influence the viewer to question the dimensional qualities of the pieces. This design work includes two-dimensional printing processes made for the purpose of conversation and connection, and select pieces explore the relationship between colour, light and form, by manipulating cloth. Designed for interior textiles, this collection consciously caters to the unique relationship one has with place, home and environment.


Hallmark Brand Vision: We will be the company that creates a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day.

Our award winner will be a graduate from 2023 who we feel can bring new innovative, future-thinking, and sustainable ideas to our greeting’s category. They will be highly creative in their concept development, demonstrating inventive and clever ways to explore emotional connection through their work.

We are looking for ideas and concepts within and beyond the perceived expectations of greetings-associated design disciplines.