Hallmark Connection Award Week 2




Federica Caputo

The Circle

University of Westminster


The prize is a paid internship in our Hallmark creative studio (hybrid virtual/in studio or virtual) You will work as part of our future-thinking ideation squad on a research and development project and will be mentored and coached by our in-house design team.



We love her clever interpretation and expansion of such a simple form, executed with a beautiful graphic sensibility and delivered through engaging storytelling.


Geometric figures have always captured my attention. My focus was mainly on the shape of the circle. This phenomenon figure has multiple meanings and we often do not realise how much it is all around us. My project aimed to create a publication in which the theme of the circle is addressed in several chapters. It is presented in printed form; however, in three chapters, the user has access to an augmented reality moment by scanning a QR code. The format of my publication is 50x70cm. The choice of format can be traced back to a standard poster or a painting, which subverts our normal expectations for a publication. The reason for the choice lies in the fact that I created analogue and digital experiments within the publication. These unique images are, in fact, the result of a combination of different disciplines.


Rachel Goodman – Creative Director Hallmark UK, Hallmark

Eve Gray – Creative Development Director, Hallmark

Kelly Wykman – Design Director, Hallmark

Heather Williams – Trend Strategist, Hallmark

Holly Ismail – Head of NPD, Innovation, Licensing, Hallmark


Hallmark Brand Vision: We will be the company that creates a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day. 

Our award winner will be a graduate from 2023 who we feel can bring new innovative, future-thinking, and sustainable ideas to our greeting’s category. They will be highly creative in their concept development, demonstrating inventive and clever ways to explore emotional connection through their work. 

We are looking for ideas and concepts within and beyond the perceived expectations of greetings-associated design disciplines.