Joseph Joseph Brilliantly Useful Design Award


Joseph Joseph


Winner: Jake Leach-Perry

Title of work: Tundra

University: Bournemouth University


Jake’s product Tundra, is an inventive solution to a unique problem. A thorough design process led Jake to a clever, well-executed, commercial solution with a form-follows-function aesthetic.


The prize comprises a 3-month paid internship at Joseph Joseph‘s Head Office based in Southwark, London. Where the winner will get a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience with one of the UK’s most innovative design brands. The winner will also receive £500 to spend on Joseph Joseph products.

Joseph Joseph


Tundra is the world’s first water bottle that can melt, store and filter snow. Using a gas burner specifically designed for arctic environments, it is faster and more fuel-efficient than all its competitors, whilst easily being the most compact package on the market.

Typically, to get water whilst engaging in alpine activities, people must use a camping stove, a pan (these two can be integrated) and a water bottle. By combining these products, Tundra is a more compact and streamlined system.

Under 2000m altitude, sterilising snow is recommended. Current systems require users to boil snow which uses double the amount of fuel as just melting it. Therefore, to be more fuel efficient, Tundra has a built-in custom filter in that means the water does not need to be boiled.

A key innovation is the lid sub-assembly. It contains the filter, whilst also acting as a scoop to collect snow, allowing the user to break through layers of ice and fill the bottle.

Tundra is the all-in-one solution to hydration.


The Joseph Joseph Award will be presented to the individual who best demonstrates the ability to design a product with the Joseph Joseph principles of innovation and functionality at its core. The winning design should: 

Solve an everyday functional problem that resonates with a broad range of consumers and complements existing behaviour or habits. 

Demonstrate and communicate a clear benefit that functions intuitively to ensure ease of use. 

Have a distinctive, form-follows-function aesthetic.