Silentnight Sleep Design Award


Name: Keely Russell

Title: Fractal Recharge

Course: Textile Design

University: Birmingham City University 


Keely showed some really nice thinking here around utilising the principles of biophilic design to help consumers switch off into a deep sleep. This also extends to her knowledge of colour theory, opting for blue as a suitable calming choice within a sleep environment. I can imagine the final design in a commercial setting. Strong title for the project: Fractal Recharge. Also liked how she brought a quote from Patternity into her nature development page. But particularly enjoyed seeing the process/ behind the scenes of her fragmented lino cutting design. We would like to work with Keely to explore her designs and produce a product that we can bring into commercial production for launch later in the year.


Silentnight are looking for a new design concept for the traditional divan bed & headboard that can revitalise the product and resonate with a more style conscious consumer. We are looking for a new fabric design incorporating texture, colour and possibly pattern that can address contemporary style trends and generate interest in the product.

Designers should also consider the style and shape of the accompanying headboard, creating a bed that showcases the individual style of the designer. We are looking for a design that can challenge consumers to reconsider safe design options in the bedroom and create a sleep sanctuary that is stylish, brave and full of personality.


Keely Russell has designed a textured fractal print in a natural wool fabric with a laser etched surface, then dyed to reveal two-tone colour shades. The hues of teal she has used relate back to biophilic principles and the natural world: green and blue can be seen to be the most settling colours as humans have evolved looking at them and recognising them within nature, offering support to the consumer for a better nights’ sleep.



  • £1000 prize to support the development of your design career.
  • Collaboration opportunity for the winning designer to work with the
  • Silentnight development team to produce the selected design and retail through Silentnight’s website & Manchester ‘Sleep Hub’ Showroom.
Spring Campaign 2021 9 (16-9)
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