Designer of The Future Award


Name: Cameron Rowley

Title: One Step Ladder

Course: Product and Furniture Design

University: Kingston University


Terence Conran always voiced a philosophy of good design being ‘plain, simple, useful’ This is a good solution to a frequent challenge, its purpose is easy to see and understand. Elegantly executed, it also serves as great looking product


This is an open brief, an opportunity to submit relevant designs from your degree for consideration.

The winner will present an idea or design that has viable commercial potential. Retail success is founded on an understanding of production design and the ability to produce consistent quality items in volume and at perceived value. For lifestyle products packaging is also a consideration.


The One Step Ladder was born out of an observation that when using step stools and ladders around the house it is usually for a brief moment and with only one step. This object aims to facilitate that behaviour while maintaining a small footprint. Intended as a domestic tool, the ladder borrows features from utilitarian objects such as gardening implements.



Mentorship and product development investment worth up to £40,000. This comprises:

  • a cash prize of £3000 to support the development of the winner’s design career.
  • an exceptional opportunity to gain invaluable industry experience with a work placement/internship of between 3-6 months at The Conran Shop headquarters in London.

The prize winner will be asked to provide exclusivity to The Conran Shop if it decides to consider commercial development and production. The panel will clarify terms and conditions of mentorship and product development opportunity with the individual upon completion of the competition.