The John Lewis & Partners Award for Design and Innovation: Week 2 Disciplines


Name: Ellie Perry

Title: Terra-cooler

Course: Product and Furniture Design

University:  Kingston University


We would like to award Ellie Perry and her Terra-cooler the John Lewis award. It was a great response to the briefs and we particularly loved how she referenced a traditional technique and reinterpreted it into a product fit for the future. It was a great use of material and overall a lovely object to have in a modern and sustainable home.


Our homes and how we live have changed dramatically in recent years, with a focus on spaces that seamlessly support diverse activity, physical and mental wellness, sustainability and much more.

We are looking to recognise standout Products, Furniture and Spaces that react to these changes in a creative, innovate way. Enhancing people’s lives whilst being conscious of the environmental impacts.


Taking influence from the Zeer Pot, an ancient method of cooling that dates back to 3000BC, the Terracooler is a food storage system designed to replace the need for a fridge. The pots are slip cast with a double wall, allowing the user to pour water through the spouts into the body.

The porosity of Terracotta draws the water out and with it, the heat from the inner pot. This process can keep the pots at a constant 6 degrees celcius. An electricity-free, modern take on an age old tradition.



The award will include £1000 & the opportunity to spend a day with the John Lewis & Partners Product Design Team in support of your career development.