The Liberty Fabrics Studio Award


Name: Daniel Embleton

Title: The Age of Discovery

Course: Textiles and Surface Design 

University: The Northern School of Art


Daniel’s exploration of the Victorian tropical environment showed incredible experimentation of drawing styles, from cyanotype and etching to digital rendering. The Liberty Fabrics studio loved his attention to detail and passion for the natural form, honouring tradition with a contemporary flair.


The Liberty Fabrics Studio Award will be awarded to the designer who presents the most interesting story through their work. Show us your idea from the very first concept by taking us on a journey through your artistic development, whether that includes drawing, painting or photographic sketches, all the way to your final design. We hope that your entry will surprise, charm and challenge us.


Daniel Emlenton’s bold collection takes the best elements of Victorian expeditions to tropical environments and puts it into interior patterns. He has selected colours from the rich tones of the Victorian era with some modern colour schemes making the collection current and commercial. A key focus of this project is to demonstrate the biodiversity of tropical environments and make people aware of their beauty but also highlight their risk of extinction due to climate change and over exploitation.



  • A visit to the London Fabrics design studio to meet the designers, discover the famous archive and gain understanding of the design process.
  • Mentorship scheme for six months.
  • Liberty goody bag.
  • Certificate.