The Pattern Cloud Award for Innovative Display


Sophie Amelia

Authentic Expression

Leeds Arts University


The prize given includes a 1 year free graduate subscription to The Pattern Cloud website and business management tool. This will provide a great starting point for a new designer beginning in the industry and starting up their own business. With the help and guidance from The Pattern Cloud team, you will receive a professional secure shop to sell designs and manage your new business.



Sophie’s work demonstrated a lovely use of colour and layering to create a beautiful display.


The award will be given to a designer who recognises the way they display their designs in an innovative and create way. We are looking for someone who thinks outside the box and has the ability to present their work in a way that pushes the boundaries of the norm and has the understanding of promoting their designs in the most innovative way.


‘Authentic Expression is a textile collection made for neurodivergent women who want to celebrate their authentic identities and start to make their spaces work for them. The designs are composed of an abstract amalgamation of shapes, textures and colours based on the quotes gathered about the experience of autism as a woman. Specialist surface finishes are used to add an elevated sensory aspect to the designs, welcoming the need for sensory regulation and making it a focal point within the home. The project hopes to raise awareness of about the societal biases that have prevented autistic women from receiving the support and understanding they require.’