Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award


Name: Cicely Peers

Title: The St Davids Collection

Course: 3D Design

University: Manchester Metropolitan University


Cicely Peer’s work is a stand-out example of how innovative machine processes can be used to re-interpret and re-invent – in the case of her work literally adding another dimension to what’s around us. These pieces have a presence which contains within it not only Cicely’s inspiring eye for detail but also her homage to the craftsman who have in turn inspired her. We are excited to see more of where such a mastery and refinement of these processes could take her – and in her exploration of place using these techniques, where she will take us too.


Seeking out the next new name in contemporary ceramics, the THROWN Contemporary Ceramics Award is open to all artists/designers/makers working in clay. Aiming towards an online solo exhibition of the winners work in Spring 2022, the gallery is looking for proposals of what this collection could be.


The St Davids Collection: Cicely Peers has long had an interest in architectural materials and detailing. The patterning and clarity of the designs of the medieval encaustic floor tiles in St Davids Cathedral, Wales served as the inspiration for this collection. Cicely’s goal was to embrace the creative spirit of these tiles and, through the use of 21st centure processes, create three-dimensional pattern pieces displaying comparable clarity in design.



The winner will receive a £500 cash prize to assist in the development of their collection which will feature as an online selling solo exhibition on the gallery’s website in Spring 2022.