Wilko Surface Pattern Award


Winner: Evie Scott

Title of work: Entire Collection

University: Arts University Bournemouth


We loved the diversity & detail of Evie’s handwriting. She displayed lovely drawing skills across complex & highly skilled prints.


A 1 month virtual or hybrid placement.

The winning design(s) that the team feel is/are most relevant to the Wilko customer could be bought by the Wilko team and developed further to be sold in Wilko stores.

Image: Evie Scott, Winner of the Wilko Surface Pattern Award 2022.


The award will be presented to the individual that has designed a collection of textiles, surface patterns or prints that captures a current trend and has been translated into a design with universal appeal.

The collection should demonstrate a confident use of colour with a fresh handwriting style.

The collection should include:

  • An understanding of identifying emerging trends and the ability to translate them to a relevant customer group.
  • Confident use of colour and creating palettes.
  • A broad use of mix media and mark making to create the designs.
  • Shows an ability to work in different handwriting styles.
  • Shows consideration for how prints would be applied to product in terms of scale, palette, positioning.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of putting designs into workable repeats.
  • Shows a passion towards design for commercial design and a confidence in talking about their work.