Last year Huw Evan’s caught the eye of The Conran Shop judges and was awarded an internship for his innovative Concertina Collection. We were eager to find out where winning this award had taken him and wanted to get an exclusive on the inspiration behind the finished product, carry on reading for our latest design interview.  

Last year you were awarded The Conran Shop Award, can you tell us a little bit about what you have been up to and how winning this award has helped start your design career?

It was very eventful! My year was kickstarted from New Designers, I later exhibited my work in London Design Festival as part of 100% Design, Design Fresh and on the Rado stand in designjunction where my collection won the Rado Star Prize UK 2019. Following the exhibitions, I began a part-time internship with The Conran Shop in London, where I divided my time between various design work and developed my Concertina Collection for their stores. Alongside working with The Conran Shop team I’ve continued designing and prototyping new products from my small workshop based in Cheshire.   

Looking back on New Designers last year, can you tell us some of your highlights?   

Having my work capture the attention of design professionals from multiple areas of the furniture and lighting industry was incredibly motivating! It was great to be viewed as a professional rather than a student and it was the perfect way to conclude my studies. The exhibition brought together so many creatives with different specialisms, it was as much about discussing your own work as it was about seeing other designer’s processes, concepts and finished products.

Winning the New Designers The Conran Shop Award is such a huge accolade, what did winning mean to you?   

The whole experience of New Designer’s 2019 was rewarding, from the experience of exhibiting at a design show to winning my internship.

I have benefited so much from winning The Conran Shop Award! It was an amazing opportunity to work with The Conran Shop team as it marked the start of a transition into a difficult industry and I’m grateful for the helping hand. I’m now really looking forward to the launch of our Concertina Collection development and any future collaborations.    

We have seen lots of designers share their processes and approaches during lockdown, what is your creative process? Can you tell us where you start?   

Lockdown has been surprisingly productive. I’m fortunate to have a creative space at home which has kept me busy designing and developing products. My creative process typically starts with a material or process, the rest follows somewhat naturally. I always wanted to understand how to make the products not just design them, this knowledge of making has helped refine my designing process.   

What or who is your biggest inspiration?   

Personally, my inspiration changes from project to project. I do however certainly find the process of taking a sketch from paper to a tangible finished product very fulfilling. As a mixed material designer there is always a process, material or concept, I’m eager to try out.  

A world without 3D Design, where would you be?   


What’s the next step? Can you share with us your ideas for the year ahead?  

Like most, my plans were affected by the pandemic. My collaboration with The Conran Shop was originally intended to launch at LDF 2020, however, due to the far-reaching impacts of the virus, this has subsequently been delayed until SS21. Despite the delays, exciting progress is being made and I’m eager to share more with you soon.    

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