Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is a highly anticipated annual design event that brings together creative professionals, industry leaders, and design enthusiasts from around the world. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative showcases, CDW celebrates the best of contemporary design across various disciplines. Past editions of the event have featured an impressive line-up of talks, workshops, and exhibitions, offering attendees valuable insights, networking opportunities, and inspiration.

Throughout its history, CDW has hosted captivating talks by influential figures in the design world, sparking thought-provoking discussions on emerging trends and transformative ideas. From renowned architects to visionary product designers, these talks have covered a wide range of topics, from sustainable design practices to the integration of technology in the creative process. In addition, CDW’s workshops have provided attendees with hands-on experiences, allowing them to delve into the process behind innovative designs and learn new skills from experts in their respective fields. The event’s curated exhibitions have showcased ground-breaking installations and cutting-edge products, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and discovery.

Now, as we look ahead to CDW 2023, we are excited to present our top picks of events that you won’t want to miss. From thought-provoking panel discussions with industry pioneers to interactive workshops that explore the intersection of design and technology, this year’s line-up promises to be an extraordinary celebration of creativity. The exhibition spaces will be transformed into immersive experiences, showcasing the latest innovations in furniture, lighting, textiles, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned design professional, a design enthusiast, or simply curious about the power of design to shape our world, Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 is an event that should not be missed. Join us as we celebrate the boundless possibilities and inspiration that this exceptional design event has to offer.

Colours of London celebrated by London Met’s Product Design students at Clerkenwell Design Week. Courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week
Colours of London celebrated by London Met’s Product Design students at Clerkenwell Design Week. Courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week


BA Product Design students from the London Metropolitan School of Art, Architecture and Design are presenting an installation of 23 totems, each one a personal response to the vibrant and dynamic landscapes of London.

Simon Hasan, Course Leader, BA Product & Furniture Design, London Metropolitan University, said, ‘Our amazing students found inspiration and delight in the everyday and the seemingly mundane. From the morning commute to Oysters at Borough market, this project shows that giving attention to the most insignificant items reveals a world of form and colour that is easily overlooked. It’s a reminder of why London is such a great place to live and work’.


Discover an immersive, magical world inspired by sunshine and nature. Using tiles from Ilori’s debut tile collection, Yinka Ilori x Domus, see this one of a kind installation at CDW.

Image courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week
Image courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week
Image courtesy of Frem Group
Image courtesy of Frem Group


This exhibition curated by Frem Group presents the 25 Greatest British Designers of all time. Spanning multiple disciplines and eras, you won’t want to miss this dynamic overview of British design.


23 – 25 MAY

Take part or just come and watch this all day contest where Lego asks ‘Who can build the most impressive structure in 20 minutes?’


Join this panel and debate which will cover exciting new research on how we can design workspaces to increase wellbeing & foster a supportive environment for the neurodiverse.

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