This month’s theme explores Colour In Design, calling on emerging talent to question the importance of colour, provide insight into their design process and discover why it is paramount to that particular designer’s practice.

We also look to industry professionals to shine a light on this topic, collecting expert advice and guidance for the next wave of designers and those interested in how brands align or consider the significance of colour in design.

Carry on reading to discover how textile designer, Corinne Snell, finds colour inspiration from the everyday and discover why she has labelled green as the colour of 2020. 

What does Colour In Design mean to you?

Colour in design is so important to me and my process.

Colour is probably the first thing I think about when I start a new project or a design. As a printed textile designer, colour can completely change the mood of my designs, so it is really important to make the right decision when it comes to colour. I also believe that colour is something to have fun with. When designing, drawing or photographing my work, colour is the part that brings me the most joy, so I love to experiment and embrace colour as it just excites me!

Do you believe colour can be a communicator and if so, what are your colour theories?

I definitely believe that colour can be a communicator! The main thing I focus on within my work is how colour can be used to communicate emotions.

I believe that design is a tool that can be utilised to help us all feel a greater sense of positivity or wellbeing, in particular through the use of colour. I believe that we all respond to colour in a personal way and my own colour theory is to be spontaneous and intuitive, as this often allows for unusual combinations that are much more unique and exciting.

Is colour timeless or does it evolve? Can you give us an example of a trend or colour patterns you have experienced?

I think that colour evolves because the colours that are in trend or that we are drawn to usually reflect how we feel at the time. For example, I am usually drawn to quite vibrant colours but in the past year I’ve noticed myself not only being drawn to using more muted colours within my designs but also opting for these colours in the clothes I wear too. I think that this is due to the feeling of comfort that natural colours give me, so my go-to colours have changed slightly.

Where do you find your colour inspiration?

Colour inspiration comes from all around me in so many things, whether that is nature, architecture or just random objects in charity shops. I will take photos on my phone if I see interesting colour combinations in my day-to-day life and then this will inspire me to experiment with those colours in my designs. We are surrounded by so much colour, sometimes we just need to stop and take notice of it!

Do you follow any colour design rules? Can you share any no-goes on colour matching or any winning colour harmonies you have created?

I don’t really follow any particular colour rules within my designs as I prefer to be experimental with colour and sometimes I think sticking to specific design rules can stop you from being truly creative. However, a favourite colour combination of mine is pink and green which I always seem to return to within my designs.

What have you been working on over this past year? What lies ahead for you, can you share a sneak peek of your upcoming projects?

In the past year I have been studying an MA in Textile Design Innovation at Nottingham Trent University. This has been a great opportunity for me to focus on my creative process as a print designer and push myself to work in different ways.

I have been experimenting with new print processes, including hand painting fabrics with dyes and this has allowed me a new experience of freedom and expression within my designs. Colour experimentation has also been key to this process with lots of testing and sampling colour palettes. Once I complete my MA I will be focusing on starting my design career through freelance projects and selling my own products.

If 2020 was a colour, what would it be for you and why?

For me 2020 would be green. I spent more time in nature and experienced a greater appreciation for the small things and my everyday environment. I also experienced a lot of personal growth and learnt a lot about myself which I think the colour green symbolises.