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Aston University

Course name : BSc Industrial Product Design, BSc Product Design & Management, BSc Transport Product Design
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Aston University offers four specialist design courses: Product Design and Management, Industrial Product Design, Transport Product Design and Design Engineering.Each has been formulated to equip students with the tools and skill set they need to become a professional, qualified designer. All courses cover the fundamentals, such as user experience; digital design; prototyping and testing, all of which are underpinned by engineering principles. With the option to do a work placement as part of a sandwich course, students can apply their apply their knowledge of design and innovation, and learn from professional practice. They leave as a celebrated graduate, prepared for industry, Inspired to make a difference.As systems and infrastructures evolve, so must designers in order to produce relevant and future-proof outcomes. Designers at Aston learn how to critically analyse and innovate, building an individual identity that compliments their work. Throughout their studies, students develop an understanding of behaviours towards products, learning how to discover and incorporate the subconscious needs of users into their designs.