Birmingham City University

Stand VC55

Course name : BA(Hons) Illustration
Our BA (Hons) Illustration degree course aims to give those with a passion for image making and illustration the skills they need to capture and communicate ideas through pictures. We celebrate the challenge of finding your individual visual voice through experimenting, risk taking and critical reflection. You will also explore how your work can be applied across a wide range of contexts, from commercial work to personally-driven projects.

This course provides an opportunity to development a wide range of transferable skills and design process knowledge that is highly desirable to employers.

Please let us introduce our BCU Illustration Class of 2022! This years show “Get Lost” waves goodbye to the pandemic of the past two years, and invites you to lose yourself in the work of our super talented graduating students. We are so proud of how our students shape the course, and represent us when they go out into the world. They are already receiving high ranking commissions and reviews. Enjoy the wide range of work they have on show, we know how much you’ll enjoy it!