Hereford College of Arts

Course name : BA (Hons) Textile Design
Textile design is the visual communication of fabrics and materials, realised through tactile processes that are both ancient and futuristic. Playing an important role in fashion and interiors, textiles is also at the cutting edge of a wide range of other design solutions such as architecture, automotive and bio-materials.

Underpinned by an innate understanding of colour, pattern and texture, our Textile Design students are at the forefront of change, supporting innovations in fibre, yarn and material to create sustainable design outcomes.

And with sustainability and emerging technologies at the heart of contemporary design thinking, they consistently challenge and re-imagine the role of textiles across many aspects of modern life.

From edible packaging solutions to sumptuous, circular couture woven fabrics and dynamic colour palettes for wellbeing, this year’s graduates are at the forefront of enquiry within our subject.