Hereford College of Arts

Stand T14

Course name : BA (Hons) Fashion & Textiles
With outcomes that obscure the boundaries between fine art, interior and fashion fabrics, the 2023 cohort of HCA textile designers confirm the interdisciplinary nature of textile design and highlight the diverse applications of material and fabric processes to our everyday lives.

By blending existing textile techniques and combining with future technologies, new design possibilities emerge. These forge unexplored avenues of creative experimentation. This exchange between ancient and futuristic, manual and digital, lies at the heart of the BA Textile Design course at HCA.

Despite the varied outcomes and unique career trajectories of the 2023 cohort, HCA textile designers are united by their approach to design; with sustainable practice, material experimentation and a need to challenge existing societal perceptions at the core of their work. A focus on research and process, as well as final outcome, is central to the HCA way of thinking.

Underpinned by an innate understanding of colour, pattern and texture, our designers are at the forefront of change - supporting innovations and returning to traditions in search of a better future for all.