Lamunlamai. Craftstudio

Stand NDS9

Course name : Mai Nopkamon A. & Nol Netprom
Craft studio // Ceramic Pottery // Custom-made

Lamunlamai is an artisanal studio focusing on ceramic works that communicate
the story of the living space through tableware, decor, and art pieces that fits into
everyday life in a style of their own.

With their background in craft and design students, They are interested in every way of making crafts especially in pottery and have passionate to communicate with people about “Home” from Lamunlamai’s perspective through daily tableware objects, decorative and installation Art. Nol studies and works on functional, usage, and experiment in techniques and materials. On the other hand, Mai is interested in the relationship between people, and the connection between objects and feelings. She is always looking for a new way to apply pottery techniques such as trace and texture into her works.

From there until now, They launched and span from their own collections to collaborative projects with many collections with people and brands, Designed and custom-made for restaurants, cafes, and hotels including a site-specific installation and visual stylist for clients, etc. locally and internationally. Behind each piece was the long process of experimenting, refining, and repeating. Everything combined to make their pieces unique with the material itself and also the refinement of form and surface that could send to the people who have experience with themselves. They also have workshop classes for the curious and solo and group art exhibitions regularly.