Loughborough University

Course name : Textile Design BA (Hons)
The Textile Design BA (Hons) course offers a diverse and inclusive curriculum to inspire and train multi-disciplinary textiles practitioners through the study of materials, processes, and design methodologies.

This is an engaging and dynamic course exploring the range of opportunities within the expanding field of textiles. From traditional crafted processes to cutting-edge digital technologies, students investigate and experiment with a broad range of materials and techniques to design, make, and validate their ideas.

The course introduces students to progressive, creative processes to help them prepare, gather information, source materials, identify the origins of inspiration, and build in-depth knowledge of the discipline. Students are supported to experiment and develop their independent textile practice through conceptual design thinking and core practical skills. We foster critical engagement with theory and examine historical, cultural, political, ethical, and sustainability issues to balance creativity with academic practices.

Our wide-reaching textile course nurtures individuality and encourages students to explore the breadth of possibilities within textiles, in preparation for a growing array of creative and professional opportunities. Students will graduate with the specialist knowledge for an enriched career in the textile industry and related fields, including fashion design, interior design, architecture, textiles art, research, product design, set design and digital sectors.