Loughborough University

Stand FP42

Course name : Industrial Design and Technology, Product Design and Technology
We strive to deliver a world-class education in design and creative arts, developing high-quality graduates who are leading practitioners in their field. Our vision is to educate students to become responsive, persuasive innovators of change, able to instigate creative, intelligent responses to a variety of contemporary challenges.

Industrial Design BA (Hons)
Our Industrial Design BA (Hons) degree equips students with the skills and understanding necessary for the design of physical objects and devices, focusing on product form, user interaction, CMF (colours, materials, and finishes) and manufacturing, as a part of professional design practice.
Students develop specialist skills and abilities in the design and communication of ideas, interactions, and user experiences, focusing on three-dimensional design, product styling and form, user research, CMF, manufacturing processes and the production of prototypes and finished artifacts, applying their understanding of branding, futures concepting and the circular economy to the design of future product-service systems.

Product Design and Technology BSc (Hons)
The Product Design and Technology BSc (Hons) degree at Loughborough is a trans-disciplinary course that sets out to educate and energise the next generation of product designers.
Teaching skills that enable the definition of new product opportunities, defined through applied research, tested through working prototypes, and detailed in terms of design for manufacture.
This course is underpinned by the concept of responsible design, embodied through the consideration of ethical interaction with users and clients, and product design which is inclusive and sustainable; Taking a technologically innovative approach to the design and creation of beautiful, ingenious, functional, and viable products, developing students to become responsible designers who can establish technology-focused, creative responses across both creative and engineering domains.