Stand OY2-6

Course name : Contemporary Lighting & Accessories Design
Based in London, MESEME Studio was founded by Riya Panchal to serve the luxury design market, by introducing mesmerising and iconic lighting and objects for interiors. MESEME Studio strives to produce a range of opulent pieces which enhance extraordinary spaces with their contemporary yet timeless aesthetics. Each design is made with great care and attention to detail, with longevity and great craftsmanship at the heart of the studio.

With previous experiences in the field of decorative lighting and accessories, as well as a family background in engineering, Riya specialises in collaborating with craftsmen, to create products that harness longevity, elegance, and expressiveness. Inspired by both modern and traditional aesthetics & references, Riya produces intuitive and timeless pieces that leave a lasting impression. With an accent of playfulness and an eye for detail, she introduces innovative and evocative pieces, which offer both functionality and inspiration, elevating interior spaces.