University of Hertfordshire

Stand JC63

Course name : Design Crafts: Ceramics & Glass, Jewellery and Textiles
Undergraduate Crafts
The philosophy of the Crafts programme is to foster a culture of critical and reflective creative practice and engagement with social and sustainable concerns.

We have created a learning community which synthesises the knowledge, best practices, new technology, and industry needs and opportunities relating to design thinking and practice to continually re-imagine and deliver curricula that encourages proactive design.

We ensure that theory informs practice and that students successfully navigate the key stages of design development from researching, theorising, conceptualising and taking to market. Students engage in both individual specialist practice and collaborative trans-disciplinary teamwork, testing readiness for employment and entrepreneurial capacity, all of which is essential in an arena that survives and thrives on its currency.

Students on all programmes will be well grounded in the notion that design considers the complex issues surrounding contemporary practice in both first and third world economies. We encourage our students to consider the complexities surrounding the work they produce to ensure that it is meaningful, needed, and improves the overall community.