This month’s theme explores Colour In Design, calling on emerging talent to question the importance of colour, provide insight into their design process and discover why it is paramount to that particular designer’s practice.

We also look to industry professionals to shine a light on this topic, collecting expert advice and guidance for the next wave of designers and those interested in how brands align or consider the significance of colour in design.

Carry on reading to discover why this textile designer looks to her surroundings for colour influences, created an energetic and positive design effect on this creative’s collection. 

What does Colour In Design mean to you?

Colour plays a big part in our lives, it’s seen everywhere and adds personality to our surroundings. To me, colour means happiness and positivity.

Colour has always been an important element to my work, with an aim to bring joy and excitement into the home and the world around us.

Do you believe colour can be a communicator and if so, what are your colour theories?

Yes, I do believe that colour can be a powerful communicator. My colour theories are energetic and positive; I tend to use a lot of warm and bright colours in my work to support this.

Is colour timeless or does it evolve? Can you give us an example of a trend or colour patterns you have experienced?

Colour provides endless opportunities within design, therefore I believe that colour is constantly evolving, as risks are taken and new and unusual combinations are created.

One colour trend I have noticed is that colours from nature have been very popular over the last couple of years, using a lot of earthy tones and darker shades of blues, greens and brown/pinks, particularly within interiors and home decor.

Where do you find your colour inspiration?

Most often, I take both my colour and design inspiration from places I have visited – a real location that I have had time to explore and understand. I am particularly drawn to quirky and vibrantly coloured locations, usually involving architectural and textural elements. I always begin a new design concept through taking primary photographs from which I later look back at to extract the boldest colours and the most interesting shapes and textures to develop into original textile pieces.

Do you follow any colour design rules? Can you share any no-goes on colour matching or any winning colour harmonies you have created?

As someone who loves all things colourful, I don’t have any colour design rules!

Due to my inspiration sources having so many beautiful colours, it can be difficult to narrow these down into a considered and limited colour palette.

It is also important to me to have a range of contrasting colours to create depth within my work, allowing certain colours and details to stand out from the background; I think this is when colour works best. I have recently been mixing up colours for a new project, and a bright orange against a dark navy blue is currently a winner for me!

What have you been working on over this past year? What lies ahead for you, can you share a sneak peek of your upcoming projects?

Since graduating from university last year, I have been working as a Samples Assistant for wallpapers and fabrics. It is very inspirational to me experiencing all the different colour combinations used by various designers.

Alongside this, during my spare time, I have recently finished setting up a small studio space at home where I am able to screen print and bring my designs to life on material once again.

My upcoming project aims to interpret my most enjoyable aspects from previous university projects, whilst seeking inspiration from my local area, focussing on colour, pattern and texture. I enjoy the risk and the unknown of screen printing and I am excited to experiment with colour and materials to be made into unique small hand crafted products.

If 2020 was a colour, what would it be for you and why?

If 2020 was a colour, for me, it would be a mix of blue and green; a teal. With strong associations in nature, these colours have a constant and calming influence within our world, providing security and optimism.