How to Manage Creative Jealousy

How to Manage Creative Jealousy

Friday 7 July

12:00 - 12.45


June Mineyama-Smithson,  Artist, Design Lecturer

Dani Molyneux, Type-twisting Artist,  Designer

The creative world is full of inspiration and excitement but sometimes constant feed of everyone else’s beautiful work and achievements can be really hard to deal with. This is an honest conversation between two creatives packed with insights. You’ll come away feeling empowered and equipped with actionable tips.

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June Mineyama-Smithson is a London-based Japanese artist and graphic designer on a mission to spread optimism. Alongside her design work, June lectures at UAL as well as judging and speaking at a number of major design events. Her bold, joyful designs have been featured internationally on ITV, Creative Boom, Design Milk, SCMP and Cow Parade Niseko.

Dani Molyneux  is a type-twisting artist and designer based in the UK. Her work features powerful messages told through playful type.

Dani’s had enough of being quiet. With her art as a catalyst, she is now putting her voice out into the world and helping others to do the same. Her mission — to get lesser heard voices to speak up and speak out. Helping difficult conversations and bigger issues have a sense of play to lighten the serious and overwhelm. To get us all talking on things that matter.