Mark Lynch, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, Innovate UK KTN

Thursday 7 July, 15:00 - 15:45

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Mark Lynch of Innovate UK KTN will discuss graduate job opportunities with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) – helping companies big and small to innovate and grow. KTPs link forward thinking organisations with the UK’s world class academic teams to deliver innovative projects led and inspired by graduates. Often technical in their nature, KTP projects have featured design and engineering excellence, applying research and embedding a new capability within the host business. Each project is managed by a KTP Associate – a talented graduate or post graduate – who works collaboratively to deliver real commercial impact and a range of academic outputs. Associates are embedded within the business, working full time in salaried positions lasting on average 2 years (maximum 3 years). Presented by Innovate UK KTN.
Mark Lynch


Mark Lynch (Design Engineer & Knowledge Transfer Adviser, Innovate UK KTN)

Mark Lynch is the Knowledge Transfer Adviser for NW London and Hertfordshire, responsible for developing and managing a portfolio of successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships between businesses and academia. He has experience in engineering design, manufacturing management and leadership. Mark has a passion for profitable design and manufacturing excellence, particularly within SMEs, where he believes ordinary people can make a massive difference, if given a little help. Mark started his career as a KTP Associate, so is pleased to be assisting to launch the careers of others.