Dr Noha Abu El Magd, Functional Materials, Innovate UK KTN
Dr Neelam Mughal, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Advanced Materials, Innovate UK KTN
Dr Robert Quarshie, Head of Materials, Innovate UK KTN & Chair, MaDE

Friday 8 July, 16:15 - 16:45

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Hear highlights from the roving materials clinic at New Designers 22, and put your questions about materials selection and processes to our panel of materials experts. Presented by Materials and Design Exchange (MaDE).


Dr Noha Abu El Magd (Functional Materials, Innovate UK KTN)

Dr Noha Abu El Magd, is Knowledge Transfer Manager for Functional Materials at Innovate UK KTN, and gained a PhD in Functional Nano-materials at the University of Bristol.

Dr Neelam Mughal (Knowledge Transfer Manager, Advanced Materials, Innovate UK KTN

Neelam’s background is in sustainable chemistry and her PhD research investigated the use of inorganic nanomaterials supported on functional carbons as composite electrode materials for Li-ion batteries. She also organised the first Women in Chemistry Conference at the University of Nottingham in 2019 and is now part of the Gender Inclusivity Network at KTN. As Knowledge Transfer Manager for Advanced Materials, Neelam’s role is to provide technical capability and expertise in the field of Advanced Materials, with a particular focus on topics in the field of materials sustainability, materials for demanding environments and for energy generation and storage.

Neelam is currently supporting the delivery of the ISCF Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge, the Commercialising Metamaterials Innovation Network, and lastly, the Materials for Earth and Space project as part of the European Space Agency’s Business in Space Growth Network.

Dr Robert Quarshie, Head of Materials, Innovate UK KTN & Chair, Materials and Design Exchange (MaDE)

Robert leads all materials activities at KTN. He was a key member of the Materials Innovation and Growth Team (Mat IGT) that developed the UK Strategy for Materials; and previously worked as Senior Technology Advisor for BIS. A materials technologist and business school graduate, Robert has more than twenty years’ industry experience working in polymeric and metallic coatings for steel and aluminium, including senior management roles at Tata Steel.