Another edition of the ‘meet the winners’ blog series with the winners of the New Designers Associate Prizes Week 1, presented on Thursday:


LAURA PLANT, winner of the New Designers Denby Associate Prize & New Designers National Trust Artisan & Craft Associate Prize
“It was great talking to people and getting feedback from professional designers and buyers and winning two prizes. I am looking forward to starting my project with Denby which will be a further exploration of the work I exhibited at New Designers and to create new designs for the National Trust project.”









CLAUDIA VENERONI, winner of the New Designers Clothworkers’ Company Associate Prize
“I’m really honoured to have won the Clothworkers’ Company Prize, I’m really glad they engaged and were excited about my work, it really meant a lot as my collection was created the whole of this past year and is very personal to me. Winning this award all gives me the recognition that hard work and being a grafter pays off.
I’d really like to continue with combining the specialisms of digital print and hand embroidery, traditional meets modern processes are really important to me, I think it gives textile outcomes depth and individuality which therefore cannot be mass produced.”







KITTY LAMBTON, winner of the New Designers Kalopsia Collective Associate Prize

“I thought ND would feel more competitive, but I was pleasantly surprised to experience a real feeling of support for everyone exhibiting from fellow students. And I feel so honoured to have won the Kalopsia Collective Associate Prize. Kalopsia operate as a social enterprise, producing manufactured goods from textiles, with a focus on ethical sustainability. During a time where “fast fashion” is dominating our consumable culture, it is so refreshing to see a company focusing on the values of the handmade and I feel very excited to be a part of it as well. My hopes and aspirations for the near future aren’t particularly starry-eyed. But, regardless of the route I end up taking, I feel confident that my Kalopsia prize will help immensely during my first year of graduate life.”




ANNA MANFIELD, winner of the New Designers London Design Fair Associate Prize

“New designers is a really inspiring place to be as a young designer and the support given to us in the run up to the show from both the New Designers team and Design Trust was invaluable and really helped me to understand my business. ‘One Year In’ was my first trade show since starting my business and has provided me with a great platform to launch myself as a designer.”












SAM WALKER, winner of the New Designers MAKE International Associate Prize

“The New Designers experience was great! Getting the chance to talk to people about my work and process was really enjoyable and I won the MAKE International Associate Prize. I am excited to work with a knowledgeable and creative team of people to hopefully push my work and brand further into the public eye. Keith Brymer Jones has already been so supportive, so I am looking forward to discussing the options with him and the company further.I hope to create a range with MAKE International, if we all decide it is a credible product.”






ALICE PERCY-RAINE, winner of the New Designers Material Lab Associate Prize

“Having the opportunity to gain first hand experience by networking and talking to established designers has allowed me to have a feel of the real and commercial world. New Designers has also helped me build up a good commercial awareness, by publishing my work on their social media allowing more links to happen through a new platform. Achieving the Material Lab Prize, I am looking forward to having a week working with established designers and seeing how companies work together to create finalised pieces with in a space. I am also excited to see a library full of materials. Perhaps, this will help me to visual and expand my own knowledge of working with materials.”



DIANE BRESSON, winner of the New Designers Shillingford Dulux Associate Prize

“New Designers has been a great experience for me. I got really good feedback and although it can be a bit overwhelming, it is really interesting to see the work of so many graduates across the UK. I won the Shillingford Dulux Associate Prize, with a year of mentorship and advices from professional from the industry, which will be of precious help as it can be sometimes hard to transition between college and professional activities.”








ANDREW CAWLEY, winner of the New Designers Weston Beamor Associate Prize

“What what was really different for me was actually not being hidden in a workshop for a change and actually being able to speak to people about my work and getting their feedback on it.
Having only ever worked for retail jewellers, I’m really excited to see the day to day running of a manufacturing jewellery business, especially one the size of Weston Beamor.”









LUCY KNIGHTS, winner of the New Designers Worshipful Company Of Weavers Associate Prize

My experience at New Designers was incredibly eye opening; I thoroughly enjoyed looking around the other universities stands and meeting other designers. There was so much high quality and inspirational work on show and it was very interesting to see everyones different takes on textiles. It was wonderful to be awarded The Worshipful Company of Weavers prize and to recognised by the panel of judges out of so many talented individuals.





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