Launched this year as an opportunity to connect the ND graduating class of 2021 with some amazing career opportunities from a collection of our favourite companies.

Take a look at the incredible design roles available, this could be the start of your design career!


Are you searching for the very best graduate design talent for your business? Is there a graduate opportunity on offer? Looking for a new freelancer to add to your roster or an emerging talent to feature in your gallery?

The New Designers Online ‘Job Board’ is a great opportunity to advertise your graduate job vacancies on a complimentary basis.

New Designers online represented graduates from across the very best university courses, from a BA/MA (Hons) Textiles from Edinburgh College of Art to BA (Hons) Design Craft from De Montfort University, BA (Hons) Product Design at Ravensbourne University and BSC Digital Design at Brunel University. 

Covering all aspects of design from textiles and fashion to glass and ceramics, jewellery and furniture, to industrial design and digital design courses, contact us today to discuss your vacancies so it’s positioned to the graduating ND Class of 21.

New Designers is an exceptional event that provides a platform for emerging designers to showcase their skills and creativity to a broad audience.

As a visitor, it offers an exciting opportunity to meet and connect with the best emerging talent from various design disciplines, including graphic design, product design, and interior design, among others. The event provides a vibrant atmosphere where new designers can share their knowledge, ideas and insights, and learn from industry professionals and experts. The event’s focus on emerging talent makes it an ideal place to discover new trends and innovative ideas that are shaping the design industry, making it an essential event for anyone interested in design. 

Whether you are a recruiter, buyer, or simply looking for inspiration, you can connect with the next generation of designers under one roof.

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For Grads

New Designers offers exceptional networking opportunities for graduate students looking to establish themselves in the design industry. The event provides a unique platform for students to showcase their work to a broad audience of industry professionals, potential employers, and peers. Graduate students have the opportunity to connect with established professionals and experts in their respective fields, which can help them gain valuable insights into the industry and make important connections. New Designers also hosts a range of talks and workshops, providing further opportunities for students to network and learn from industry experts. New Designers also offers free Portfolio Reviews from design leaders and recruiters for graduates. Attending New Designers as a graduate student can be a crucial step in building a successful career in the design industry. 

For Industry Members

For industry and trade members, New Designers offers an exciting opportunity to connect with the emerging talent of the design world. It is an excellent platform to meet and discover new designers from various disciplines such as graphic design, product design, interior design, and more. The event provides a bustling atmosphere where professionals can interact with emerging talent and gain insights into the latest trends and innovative ideas shaping the industry. Industry and trade members can also participate in workshops and talks with established professionals and industry experts, allowing them to expand their knowledge and network. Attending New Designers as an industry or trade member can help professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends, gain new perspectives, and forge valuable connections with emerging talent.


Thanks to Wilko and their expert panel of leading designers who dedicated their time to review a number of portfolio in the highly sought after sold out sessions of ‘Portfolio Reviews’. 

The ‘Portfolio Reviews’ offered a free, one to one 30 minute video chat for the graduate with an industry professional. It was a fantastic opportunity for the graduate to delve into the panel’s minds, ask questions, find out what they look for, what they recommend and ask what the best practice is for taking their next steps in their career.

These free session were exclusive to the New Designer Class of 2020 graduates.

For ND 2020 Wilko hosted six sold out portfolio reviews. 

These sessions were suitable for Surface Pattern, Textile Design and Product Design graduates.

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