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Behind The Scenes At Hallmark

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Studio Manager Laura Broadley answered some questions about her design background and what it’s like to work for Hallmark.


How did you become interested in design?

I come from a creative family, so I suppose I was always destined to end up in the industry myself. I did however, have an amazing art teacher at school, who really encouraged me and set me on the right path!


Where and what did you study and what was the most useful thing you learnt from your course?

Fashion Design with Marketing at Northumbria University. It was a really varied course, which meant multitasking was a necessity. That was a great tool to learn and apply to my work life.


Why do you think you stood out and how did you get the job with your current company?

I was lucky enough to get a placement at Tigerprint, and when I graduated I was offered a permanent position. I think a willingness to do any job given to you with enthusiasm is really important!


What is your role and what does it involve?

I’m Studio Manager of the Ideation Department at Hallmark. I manage a team of very talented illustrators and oversee the creative graduate programme and the creative digital side of things such as social media and blogs. It’s very varied and very busy, but that’s why I love it!



What have you designed that you’re most proud of since joining?

I actually don’t design any more, but my team are all so talented, I feel like a proud Mum seeing their work come to life.


Give us an insight into your thought process to design your work – where does your inspiration come from?

All of our work comes from global trends, and we like to look at all aspects of design to inspire us and ensure that we are at the forefront of the greetings market.


What materials, methods and tools do you use to design with and what one technique, material or tool could you not live without?

I definitely couldn’t live without my mac!


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve been given? / What piece of advice would you give to this year’s graduates?

Your personality is as important as your portfolio. I still live by this, and I think it’s really important for graduates to remember. At Hallmark, it’s really important that someone’s values and personality fit in with us, as well as having a really great and versatile portfolio.