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Behind the Scenes of ‘One Year On’ with Anita Carnell

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All artists aspire to move their audience with their art. Be it a newly composed song, miniature painting, sculpture or a mere experiment, all aim to make a strong impact on their audience. An artist desires to touch and move souls by transporting them to a new place; to evoke evokes emotions. This is what I intended to do with my work displayed at One Year On. I wanted my audience to embrace a transformative experience and it is safe to say, I’ve rightly done so.

One Year On was a phenomenal experience for all of us. It gave my audience an opportunity to experience my art which aims to add value to household interiors. The hand-stitched pieces with gold and leather embellishments (pictured above) are tailored for those who desire an affluent lifestyle, reflecting the choices they make.

My exhibition was centered on the concept of ‘Time’. As an artist, the best feeling is to be appreciated by your intended audience. I was over cloud nine when visitors not only appreciated the concept, but also applauded its aesthetics.

As an art consultant, I understand the value of luxury leather accessories and my leather wall features are just that. Before working on my exhibit at One Year On I came across numerous people who were tired of their conventional interior design. With my art work I desired to break the monotony and come up with designs that represent modernity, sophistication, indulgence and elegance.

For me, leather is pure luxury, where it can add depth and character to any interior design. So I wondered rather than painting a wall a different colour to add character, why not use leather to add texture. My artwork is inspired by three things: leather, gold and character. In interior design, one cannot undermine the importance of contemporary wall art. It plays a significant role in creating any indoor or outdoor environment. Complying with my vision, I prepared luxe wall art to give any house the depth it longs for.

For an artist, it is of utmost importance that their work gets appreciated and acknowledged. However, another important aspect that often goes neglected is support. I worked alongside OYO for this particular project and got invaluable experience shaping my approach about interior design. I worked with like-minded people who understood what I wanted and delivered accordingly. Never have I worked with people with so much passion for art and design.  It not only allowed me to indulge in meaningful dialogue with my audience, it also helped me explore newer horizons of growth and future possibilities.

As an artist, I consider exposure and effort to be a prized possession. I would like to seize the opportunity and welcome everyone who wants to join One Year On in coming years. I would like to welcome all artists on board who share a similar passion for art and wish to contribute to it. If you intend to be a part of OYO, I suggest you to do it now. It’s a life changing experience in its true essence.