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Week One Highlights

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The New Designers 2019 lineup has been finalised and announced, which means it’s time to start planning your visit. With so much fresh creative talent under one roof, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy at this year’s design event.

There are more than 3,000 hand-picked new designers presenting throughout the two-week show, and whether you’re interested in sustainability in design, how current events are impacting the industry or simply want to explore fresh, unique takes on the design world, there will be plenty for you to enjoy.  Here’s a small taste of what you can expect during week one:


For our university exhibitors, New Designers presents a perfect opportunity to showcase projects they have been working on during their studies. For all of our visitors, this group of exhibitors represents fresh, raw design talent with unique perspectives and new approaches to the design world.

The London College of Fashion will be exhibiting at New Designers for the very first time this year, with 16 final year students showcasing their fashion and textiles work focusing on embroidering, knit and print. Sabrina Louisor is one of the highlights with her blend of traditional knitting techniques with a modern, sculptural edge. Charlotte Clayton from the Glasgow School of Art is also presenting an impressive line of knitted textiles, made from polypropylene yarn and inspired by amusement parks.

For ceramics, don’t miss Staffordshire University’s Bethany Lock, whose collection ‘Bringing the outside in’ is based on the concept of introducing nature and texture into dining ware. Featuring etching and slip decoration, the forms and pure and practical with loose, artistic imagery. Fellow Staffordshire student Loh Lik Kian will present environmentally-friendly vessels inspired by cooling fins and heat sinks, alongside Ng Ngah Tho’s SQUIRcle vessels. Fern Beall from the University Centre Hasting is another ceramics designer to pay attention to, exploring air and water pollution through a range of tableware encrusted with coastal and deep sea marine life.

Week one also features creative and covetable jewellery from the likes of Andrea Dritschel, a University of Dundee student whose work links the human touch with water pollution and nature. The Dark Grace collection has been designed to highlight the impact of pollution, with interactive jewellery pieces that can be influenced by the wearer. Also featured in the jewellery showcase is Niamh Duddy from the University for the Creative Arts. Her ‘Keeping the ‘Piece’’ collection can be seen as a visual metaphor for her upbringing in Northern Ireland, with shapes that work together to find equilibrium and peace.

One Year In

One Year In is an essential part of the New Designers programme, highlighting the work of emerging design entrepreneurs who have recently launched their businesses.

Highlights of week one of One Year In include textile designer Rachna Garodia, whose modern work uses handweaving and hand embroidery to produce minimal pieces inspired by nature. Fellow textile designer Jacob Monk will be displaying his colourful, contemporary hand-woven work which has been described as both considered and exciting.

Ceramicist Jane Samuels celebrates the coast through her contemporary collection, using broken shells to reflect on the fragility of the human mind and body. Also inspired by nature is Laura Plant, whose thrown ceramics reflect trips to local parklands and gardens.

Those inspired by emerging jewellers should visit Meron Wolde’s stall, where texture and form are explored using recycled silver and gold. Inspired by her travels and ethnographic artefacts, Meron’s work is environmentally conscious and unique. Also on display is Ning Art Jewellery, which draws upon renaissance and art nouveau themes.


Attending New Designers

Week one of New Designers celebrates the most exciting emerging talents across ceramics, jewellery, fashion and textiles and more. Join us for creative exchange, collaboration and to celebrate the future of design. Don’t miss out – book your tickets here and find out more about visiting us.


Are you a new creative business? Need help kick starting your design practice? Get involved in One Year In at New Designers 2020! ⁠

For all information on apply head to the One Year In page on our website.⁠

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Soap made from waste fats! Danielle Coffey is transforming household fats, oil and grease waste into soap! As part of our unusual material series we interviewed this innovative designer over on our blog. ⁠

Link is in our bio - check it out! ⁠

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Dust to Design!? We interviewed Lisa McLaughlin as part of our unusual material series over on our blog. ⁠

Lisa shared with us her innovated collection, soundproofing tiles designed from waste 'dust'. ⁠

'I like to create work that holds a balance between function and aesthetic which also pushes the boundaries of traditional textile practices demonstrating new ideas around material values.'⁠

Checkout the full interview over on our website! ⁠


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Did you hear New Designers latest news? One Year In applications are now open! ⁠

Are you a new creative business? Need help kick starting your #design practice? Then get involved for 2020!⁠

Checkout all information on our OYI mentor-ship programme in our bio!⁠


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Applications for One Year In are now open!! What are you waiting for? ⁠

One Year In offers an opportunity to sell directly to collectors or consumers, a platform to promote and grow!⁠

Find out more from the link in our bio. ⁠

@_colettte our #OYI alumni⁠

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Designer Benjamin Stanton looks to the fashion and textile industry to harness waste that is destined to end up in landfill. ⁠

@benjaminstantondesign ⁠

Have you read our most recent blog post on sustainable designers? The link is in our bio! ⁠

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