New Designers

Week Two Highlights

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Week two of New Designers is devoted to showcasing fresh design talent across the disciplines of furniture, product and industrial design, spatial design and interiors, graphic design, illustration and animation, and motion and digital arts. Along with week one, this week also features selected works from our One Year In businesses and designers. It’s a lineup packed with innovation, imagination and plenty of surprises. Here are some of the highlights to watch out for:

University exhibitors

The University of Dundee is producing some very talented interior designers, including Claudia Steel, whose adaptive system for temporary homes focuses on creating smart residential units that adapt to environments in the wake of earthquakes. Fellow Dundee student Egle Ochenatu will be presenting a school design concept that restores children’s bonds with nature, while Nadine Audrey Franz’s “Countdown” project uses a temporary recycled installation – made from 95% waste materials – to draw attention to climate change.

Emerging product and furniture designers exhibiting during week two include Nottingham Trent University’s Matthew Wilde, whose CAD background was the basis for his Music Stools concept, which sees the shape of furniture changing as a result of different data outputs. Bryony Hancock will be showcasing her tongue-in-cheek suspended storage system that address issues of hoarding and consumerism, alongside Arjun Singh’s longue chair concept which eliminates excessive waste in upholstered furniture.

Illustration fans should look out for Kezia Hulse, who takes inspiration from springtime and David Hockney in her stress-relieving designs. Another highlight is Amy Ottley, from Plymouth College of Art, whose branded RUBY menstrual subscription box aims to make monthly periods more bearable.

One Year In

Furniture and object designer Mac Collins explores his own cultural identity through his work, combining European and Scandinavian furniture standards with Caribbean and African aesthetics. Other products and furniture highlights include Phat Design, which combines youthful simplicity with elegant sophistication and celebrates craftsmanship. Phat’s playful designs were created in response to one of the duo’s experiences with severe depression, with the aim to help alleviate stress through imaginative, fun design.

Watch out for Ben Tcharny, a bespoke furniture marker and joiner who combines traditional and modern joinery techniques to create wooden furniture that is both contemporary and timeless. Elsewhere, AdeleWDesign will be showcasing a collection of Scandinavian and Bauhaus-inspired minimal homewares, while Daak and Dana utilise the techniques and art forms of skilled Indian artists to produce minimalistic, monochromatic pieces.

Illustration stands out in the One Year In week two pack, with both Collette Kerr and Rachael Walsh presenting stand-out works. Kerr explores narrative through mixed media, painting and drawing, taking inspiration from daily observations and personal experiences, while Walsh specialises in digital, flat illustration and hand lettering in a figurative and contemporary style.

Sustainability and provenance of materials is a major trend at this year’s New Designers, particularly during week two. Expect to see creative uses of locally-sourced, sustainable materials and food waste, starting with Atticus Durnell, who will be exploring alternate uses of coffee waste with his project That’s Caffeine. Adam Davies is showcasing his collection made from bio-materials such as algae, and High Society is also highlighting the sustainability trend with a range of lighting pieces made from upcycled hemp, wine and tobacco harvest leftovers.

Attending New Designers

 New Designers is held across two weeks in June and July, with more than 300 carefully selected design talents presenting work throughout the duration of the show. Whether you attend week one, week two or both, there’s plenty for you to discover and be inspired by, including a talks programme which encourages collaboration, idea sharing and discussion.

 Join us for creative exchange, collaboration and to celebrate the future of design. Book your tickets here and find out more about visiting us.