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2017 Highlights

2017 One Year On was the largest line-up of designers to date, with top themes to look out for including Brutalist revival, Sustainable design, contemporary craftsmanship and vibrant colours in illustration. We’ve selected a few of our highlights that embody these trends. Click through below to browse through all of the designers.

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Brutalist revival

Designers exhibiting their collections reflective of brutalism include Emma Johnson who has re-interpreted the trend in ‘Atro-City’ by incorporating heavy forms and asymmetrical proportions into her designs for tea sets.

Sustainable design

HAME by Lewis Macleod, pairs traditional handicraft with modern manufacturing technologies to create contemporary furniture and homeware, including a zero waste interior range.

Contemporary craftsmanship

Designer Megan Falconer creates her own silversmithing tools and casts found objects from her surrounding landscape to craft individual silver vessels including the whisky set pictured above.

Vibrant colours

Benjamin Craven uses screen-printing and digital techniques to create his signature style prints.

Adopting the heavy use of geometric lines and array of clashing colours and patterns, the illustrator embodies contemporary aesthetics to push boundaries. 


Patrick Kendal’s Spring Oven is a unique terracotta design that steam-bakes bread, helping bakers achieve professional standard loaves with their home ovens.

Responsive jewellery

Song Wang’s collection of statement necklaces and bracelets entitled ‘Emotion Dialogue’ is made from a combination of heat sensitive materials and acrylic, so that when the wearer experiences strong emotions the jewellery changes colour to reflect this.

Curator: Rheanna Lingham

We are delighted to welcome back Rheanna Lingham as curator of One Year On at this year’s show. 

Rheanna is a jeweller and also makes up a trio of designers that own and run the East London store, Luna & Curious. Together the three of them have created a shop that highlights what they consider the core principles of making; honouring great craftsmanship, insightful design and endeavouring to support British manufacturing.

2017 Selection Panel:

Rheanna Lingham
Curator, One Year On 2017

Komal Khetia    
Young Audience Programme Producer, The Design Museum

Chris Baker    
Account Director, Four Colman Getty

Emma O’Kelly    
Editor-at-large, Wallpaper* Magazine

Madeleine Furness
Business Incubation Manager, Cockpit Arts

Hannah Tounsend, Porcelain Beakers. One Year On 2016

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