Matt Marshall, Senior Product Designer, The LEGO Group
Lauren Cullen King, Senior Graphic Designer, The LEGO Group
George Gilliatt, Product Designer, The LEGO Group

Thursday 7 July, 16:00 - 17:30

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Join us for a playful, hands-on workshop where three LEGO designers will inspire you to flex your creativity and apply your design thinking skills towards reimaging the future of play, brick by brick.

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Matt Marshall (Senior Product Designer, The LEGO Group)

My journey with the LEGO Group started at New Designers 2013, where I was offered the chance to apply to come to Denmark! I started as a Junior Designer in 2014.
Over the past 8 years, I have worked on over 40+ LEGO products and now specialize in the design and management processes of the elements (LEGO Bricks) within LEGO CITY and LEGO SUPER MARIO.

Lauren Cullen King (Senior Graphic Designer, The LEGO Group)

In 2014, I moved from the U.S. to Denmark to work with the LEGO Group. I live on a little farm in Jelling with my husband (Brian), daughter (Gwendolyn), cat (Haru), & horses (Åbjørn, Basse, Saoirse, & Seiko). As a LEGO Graphic Designer, I work across a range of product lines and experiences, designing unique decorations and graphics for minifigures, decorated bricks, stickers, and more.

George Gilliatt (Product Designer, The LEGO Group)

I exhibited at New Designers in summer 2019 with the University of Brighton, and just a few weeks later moved to Denmark to start as a Product Designer at the LEGO Group. Whilst at the LEGO Group I have been developing products for LEGO Creator and LEGO Classic lines, which inspire builders to rebuild and make their own creations and have also recently joined the LEGO Harry Potter team!