Kin Limited

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Kin is a UK based producer of home and garden products. Existing to free up hard-working families to be the best they can be, through products that simply help, from people who want the best for you with respect for your hard-earned cash.

Applying over 90 years of heard-earned know-how from our sibling company Wilko, Kin produces solution-oriented product brands that create excitement, provide true value and solve problems for our customers’ consumers.

While Kin shares values with our business family, we’re a company in our own right with aspirations to be a standard bearer for ethical sustainability and to have a material positive impact on society and the environment. Kin Brands is a business with CSR embedded into its purpose.

“Alongside commercial design, we have an altruistic agenda to offer opportunities to recently qualified designers. Our ambition is to support the next generation of designers into the industry. We run live projects with Universities, giving students the opportunity to work on products that have the potential to reach a retail environment.

As another means of supporting new talent, we also sponsor New Designers each year. This allows us to meet the next generation of commercial designers and keeps us up to date with emerging talent. We have supported New Designers over the past decade through, Wilko and W’innovate, and we continue this support through Kin as the next phase of our journey.”

Grant Geeson, Design Director