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The Pattern Cloud is the surface design industry’s leading provider of websites and business systems, offering its service to over 100 design companies worldwide. Founded in 2017 by studio owners Tom Bambridge-Sutton and James Hartley of Gather No Moss and Tracey Brown of Bay and Brown, they strove to create a system that helped run their businesses more efficiently and bring the industry into the 21st Century.

The Pattern Cloud has been a game-changer for the industry, empowering a new sales tool for designers. Very little had changed with the way designs are shown and sold over the past 50 years. In the past, designers traveled the length and breadth of the globe with a case full of designs to sell to clients, spending lots of time and money at trade shows to sell their collections. However, due to the pandemic, a shift has taken place within our industry. An opportunity arose to push boundaries and change the way designs are sold.

The company aims to build a community of businesses and help designers maintain customer relationships, all the while reaching new markets. The system has been built to enable designers to reach their customers securely and give them the power, and with a click of a button to move digital collections to third party agents in order to sell their work around the world, which will work together in sequence with their website. And so much more. With endless functionality designed specifically for the design industry, we can streamline your design business in a much more sustainable way than the industry has in the past.


The Pattern Cloud are extremely passionate about empowering designers and providing a gateway into this incredible industry. New Designers has been a vital hub of the newest talented designers for many years and The Pattern Cloud recognises the importance of helping our newest graduates into the world of design. New Designers has done this very well for many years and The Pattern Cloud’s vision matches with that of New Designers.


The Pattern Cloud has supported New Designers for 2 years.

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Sophie McDonald, Operations and Marketing Manager. Exhibited at New Designers 2015.

The founders of The Pattern Cloud have always been fond of choosing new talent from New Designers. Thank you New Designers; our manager of The Pattern Cloud is a past Alumni. Sophie McDonald exhibited her work in 2015 and was then offered a job to work for The Pattern Cloud director, Tracey Brown, who also runs leading design studio Bay and Brown. Sophie excelled in the design world and ended up managing Bay and Brown in the 6 years she had a position there. When The Pattern Cloud was launched, due to Sophie’s experience within the industry it seemed the perfect transition to managing The Pattern Cloud. She is one of many great success stories of New Designers, and now heads up our growing global company.

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