Vessel Gallery

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Founded in 1999 by Angel Monzon, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Vessel Gallery has become one of the leading authorities on contemporary glass sculpture, design, and lighting, both British and international. Prestigious public collections around the world contain works that were first exhibited at Vessel. The gallery’s support has helped to launch the careers of several rising or established stars of the art glass scene, including Louis Thompson, Cathryn Shilling and Elliot Walker.

In addition to unique artworks, Vessel Gallery produces its own curated editions in close collaboration with artists and designers, offering exclusive collections of limited edition pieces in glass and other materials. It also offers an art-consulting service for interiors and architectural projects.


We are so pleased to support New Designers for the first year in 2022. As a gallery, we pride ourselves on working closely with individual designers and artists to showcase beautiful work and we recognise the importance of supporting the upcoming talent to ensure the appreciation of ceramics and glass design continues to grow.

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Image: Vessel Gallery Interior.