Sustainability is today’s emerging trend as we bring you a collection of designers from the ND Class of 21 who are inspired by preserving our beautiful natural world.

These emerging creatives use this passion to ensure their designs are consciously considerate and encourage others to walk in their footsteps through their environmentally focussed collections.

Eve Park Loughborough University
Chloe Warren - Birmingham City uni
Amy Hague Norhtumrbia University
Savannah Dale - Plymouth College of Art
Billy-Jo Pierce - West of england


BA (Hons) Industrial and Product Design, Loughborough University

Eddie is a re-usable sanitary product kit, with the aim of preparing and moving those who menstruate onto menstrual cups. Tampons and pads are filling up landfills at a dangerous rate, but using the greener alternative, menstrual cups, can feel unfamiliar and incorrect usage often deters users from making the switch.

Eve Park Loughborough University


BA (Hons), Textile Design, Birmingham City University 

This research project is intended as an educational resource showcasing organic alternatives to harmful chemical dyes and microplastic sequins used by the textile industry.

The body of experimental sampling and material experiments demonstrate how natural dyes and bioplastics can be created using waste fruit and vegetables from the commercial sector to propose more sustainable alternatives for the fashion and textile industry.

Chloe Warren - Birmingham City uni


BA (Hons) 3D Designer – Furniture & Product, Northumbria University 

Grow is an adaptable lounge chair which can evolve to become a two-seater bench.

With people living in more homes throughout their lives or changing the way they live in their current home, Grow is intended to prevent the need for the continuous cycle of buying new furniture for different spaces. 

Amy Hague Norhtumrbia University


BA (Hons) Illustration, Plymouth College of Art

An homage to growing, changing, and sowing seeds for personal development.

Savannah Dale - Plymouth College of Art


BA (Hons) 3D Designer Maker, University of Staffordshire

A collection of interior products that make use of waste materials. By utilising waste materials within ceramics, not only is waste prevented from going to landfill but unique textures are created during the firing process; some of which create translucency within the ceramics.



BA (Hons) Interior Design, University of the West of England 

Inspired by the values of democratic design and do-it-yourself culture, this designer has truly developed her practice and philosophy during her volunteering experience in Uganda in 2014 and her work/travel in Guatemala in 2015.

Through design, she seeks to contribute to society by unveiling ways to play and benefit from local resources and natural forces in order to empower people.

Billy-Jo Pierce - West of england


BA (Hons) 3D Design, University of Plymouth 

Specialising in the combination of traditional woodworking and digital fabrication methods this emerging designer produces functional objects with simplicity, if something is working – why change it?

Plymouth Uni Zak Brewer Hooks Hi Res

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