New Designers


There is nowhere else quite like New Designers where you can come into one remarkable space and see the pick of the crop of the next generation of designers. Emerging design is not an add-on, it’s not an added extra, it’s essential if Britain is going to have a creative future. It’s always that every generation comes up with new thinking and new talent, it’s ready to challenge people, it’s ready to say we can do this if you give us a chance. Find them at New Designers.
Deyan Sudjic, Director, Design Museum
I found New Designers to be equally impressive and inspirational – so much talent and such a wealth of new ideas under one roof. Whether you are a business looking for new innovation opportunities, an investor looking to support great business ideas, or even looking to recruit new talent, I would really encourage you to attend this event
Chris Warkup, CEO, Knowledge Transfer Network
The extraordinary thing is that every year its completely different you don’t know quite what to expect each year. I’ve been coming for 15 years it changes every time. To miss it would be a real shame.
Max Fraser, Design Journalist
Nothing else comes close in terms of the experience our graduates get in putting on a professional design show and meeting creative professional , industrialists and design enthusiasts
Nigel Ball, Course Leader, Sheffield Institute for the Arts
New Designers is an amazing place to show your designs and gain feedback from an enthusiastic and expert audience. In addition seeing the work of other students is mind blowing and so very inspiring, I'd recommend to every design graduate to exhibit at New Designers.
Gillian Woodrow, New Designers 2016 Exhibitor



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